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Do you need to make changes, but are unsure of where to start?

Would you value practical, hands-on guidance from experts who understand the challenges of running an electrical business in WA?

Accelerate the profitability, performance and sustainability of your business with our five-month coaching and training program, facilitated by the most highly regarded business coaches in WA.

Thoughtfully and specifically crafted for business owners.

No matter how you measure the quality of a professional development program, Engine Room Business Innovation programs are in a league of their own.

The Business Essentials Program is rich with information and practical advice; and the format is engaging and energising to follow. We’re confident that the Business Essentials Program is the best investment that a business owner can make to grow their business successfully.

This program brings together key training ingredients - workshops, online learning and coaching.

The online learning has the following benefits:

  • high-quality videos and articles to prime your thinking prior to the half-day workshops,
  • ability to make comment online and share insights with other program participants,
  • unlimited access to the course material – forever,
  • flexibility to watch any time and on any device - from your mobile device, computer, or tablet,
  • ability to share the course material with other colleagues and staff,
  • practical templates and tools to transfer the learning into implementation.
Be sure to also view the Promo video (the link is in the header at the top of this page).

Below is the Course Curriculum which is located on the Engine Room Online Learning (EROL) Portal.

The first section - Introduction to the Business Program - is available for viewing prior to enrolling on the program. So please, view the videos and download the Business Diagnostic tool, so you can learn more about the program and experience the benefits of what the Online Learning component of the program has to offer.

Course Curriculum